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Employee Assistance Programs

     Anzelc & Associates, Inc. offers our counseling services through employee assistance programs. This customized service is comprised of a 30-minute Ask an Expert consultation. Currently our most utilized service is the three times a year, telephonic 30-minute Ask an Expert consultations.

     Financial counseling is greatly appreciated by the employees when they have questions regarding budgeting, credit card debt, paying for college, how much house can they afford, the difference between bankruptcy and debt management programs as well as a multitude of other issues pertinent to their specific situation. Our unbiased, professional advice is a much needed service in the ever expanding financial arena.

Business Consulting

     Whether you have been in business for years or are just thinking about a new venture, we can assist you. Our consulting can include business start-up issues, accounting software consultations, corporate structuring, how to navigate a business audit, tax planning strategies and payroll implementation.

Financial Consulting

     We have professionals who can lead you through the steps needed to obtain your life goals. From information gathering to analysis and implementation, our experience and guidance can set you on the road to a successful financial future.









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